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Can cork flooring be used in kitchens?

If you’ve ever wondered if cork flooring could be used in the kitchen, the answer is yes, and we’re going to tell you more about why. Read along with today’s post for additional details that could serve you well as you shop for the perfect floor covering.

Cork flooring is a fantastic option for your kitchen

One of the most impressive cork flooring features is its extensive lifespan, which can easily last more than 40 years with proper upkeep. It stands up well to traffic with fewer dents and dings for a gorgeous finish that goes on and on.

In addition to being resistant to mold and mildew growth, termites, and bacteria, you'll find these materials lead to higher indoor air quality. But cork also brings natural insulation that retains heat well and reduces noise for a comfortable, peaceful kitchen.

When you're ready to further discuss your cork kitchen flooring options and benefits, we'll be standing by to ensure you find the best fit. No matter how large your kitchen or your décor needs are, we'll help you choose products that work in your best interest, so be sure to visit us today.

Find your cork kitchen flooring today

When you visit Solyd Floors, you’ll find that we offer an extensive selection of cork flooring materials and services that are sure to match your needs well. In addition, our experienced staff is standing by to ensure your complete satisfaction with floors that could last you for years to come.

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